Company Policy



The policies and principles incorporated in Nakano, are at the very heart of our distinctive value and they unite our whole company.

Our Corporate Policies are
  • Avoid mere display and value substance
  • One without an opinion s the same as being absent
  • Problems are to be confronted, not avoided or hidden
  • Everything starts from the elimination of waste
  • Prepare in advance for the changing needs of the times

We expect all our employees to behave according to these five policies which inform every issue that we as a company approach whether it’s business, employment, the environment or society at large.

By which these policies was translate into our corporate principles. In fact, we believe that sharing these policies and principles, it give us a lasting foundation for business success and sound stewardship

Our Corporate Principles are
  • We will contribute to society through the development of our company
  • We will fulfill our customer’s expectations with sincerity, devotion and creativity
  • We will pursue better lives through the prosperity of our business operations, and share the pride and pleasure of working for our company
  • We will strive for global expansion through technological development and operational regeneration
  • We believe and problem can be solved through healthy business practices